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Herbal Medication

Prescriptions of various types of herbs with complementary effects to increase efficacy of treatment


Traditional Chinese Medical procedure to restore energy flow in body

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Notice & Announcements

Physician Lan Hui will be on leave from 6th May to 17th May. If you wish to book appoint with Phy. Lan Hui, please book on 18th May 2024

Ci Kang - Guarding your health

Customised Services
for your healthcare needs

Healthcare services across different age group and tailored treatments to your healthcare needs

TCM Physician

MOH Registered TCM Physician with more than 30 years of practical experience 

Highly Qualified 

TCM-Trained Therapists with clinical exposure, practical experience and expertise in TCM treatment

What our patients say on Google

Reetaza, Singapore

"My first time at TCM and it was great! Physician Lan Hui was very knowledgeable, kind and caring. The staff at the counter was also able to help with Chinese translation, which was a relief for a non-Chinese speaking person. The acupuncture session helped me feel relaxed immediately, and my head and neck tension have reduced significantly"

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